Should you use Facebook in your classroom?

20 03 2013

Many people are preoccupied on whether or not they should use Facebook with their students. In our days, there are many positive points that put the balance on the side of Facebook use in class.

Since the students are, for most of them, already on Facebook, it is a good way to make a link with them and to make sure that they read the thing that you post since they are always on that and that they can have access to it practically everywhere.   

Using Facebook in class with your students create links with them. Students feel more comfortable using Facebook and it gets them involve even outside the classroom since they use it every day. It also an excellent way to make students collaborate because you can make discussion and one can ask questions to other or to you if there is a misunderstanding.

Facebook is also an excellent resource for classroom management. It is cool because you can create events in order that the students remember when their exams are and what is the next class’s subject.  

Some might think that it is not safe for privacy to be on Facebook with their students. One always has the possibility to create an account only for you as a teacher. You can make special confidentiality policy for the person that you integrate to your group and make them secret. There are also tips on how to safely friend students on Facebook.

One can have as many groups as they want and you can also create a parent group if you want to keep contact with the parents so that they know what their children are doing. In that way, if they have a question they can contact you easily.  

The possibilities are infinite with Facebook. 🙂




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